10 Exciting Ways Ivanka Trump Was Totes a Huge Star

America needs more real heroes. Which is why we need Ivanka Trump! Doesn’t it seem like lightning strikes every time she moves?

Today she breaks the Internet with every social media post. Accordingly, some think this all just happened overnight. They don’t realize the inner struggles and pressures of fame.

Frequently haters had been arguing on talk radio about whether she was tough enough to last in the business. Her risks didn’t always work as expected. She didn’t need the hurt and she didn’t need the pain. So she likely said to herself, “girl, don’t stop now, you can be the champion.”

Ivanka Trump reveals that girls can have plenty of laughs in life. It’s ok to be quirky and enjoy the journey. It’s so awe-inspiring and endearing how she makes it clear that your wildest dreams are in reach.

These candid moments capture how she crushes life yet still enjoys the fun, wild ride. Here are some of the times we completely cherished and revered Ivanka Trump.