13 Reasons Why Ashley Benson Has Always Been a Feminist

Ashley Benson is simply a badass. She is popular because she is so real. She may rebel if people try and hold back her glory.

Queen, you are totally authentic and set an example with how you conduct yourself. That being said, her inaugaration to the VIP was not preordained.

Critics had been asking if she had the talents and personality to sell her image to Middle America. Was she too quirky? She is a tenacious woman though and she will likely triumph in the end. If you bet against her, you will likely lose.

After all the hardships, this gal still dominates pop culture. It’s tricky to stay on top but she manages to still dominate. In summary, Ashley Benson is awesome. Whether you follow her for hair and makeup tips or career advice, she is a worthwhile leader.

These uplifting pics provide a glimpse into exactly how she created her amazing life. Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today on this site to salute the magnificent Ashley Benson.