11 Boarding Houses for Weekend Trips to Riverside, California

Riverside, California has the greatest hotels on earth. Some are luxurious while others are hidden gems. Great hotels await with very friendly staff and super locations. Be sure to leave a good tip!

These days, it’s quite easy to find a great stay here. Post on Facebook to see if friends can recommend up and coming areas of Riverside, California that are worth staying in.

Business travellers want key amenities while romantic getaways may seek a big room with a top notch view. These hotels in Riverside, California might not offer free breakfast and that would have been a nice bonus. But that doesn’t stop anyone from booking a room.

In this post, we’ve curated the definitive list of top hotels in Riverside, California. On behalf of the local businesses here, we truly hope you enjoy your stay in Riverside, California!

Comfort Inn Riverside near UCR and Downtown

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1590 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507