9 Stubborn Facts Concerning Donald Trump Which the Media Won’t Discuss

Donald Trump is a topic that the media tries to ‘explain’ all the time. But never fairly or accurately! After last week’s latest developments, we don’t need to bother you with the latest tit for tat. It’s crazy how the bigger issues never get discussed.

Voters expect a productive discussion and recognize how that’s key for democracy. But we can’t let rumors spread without calling them out.

At the same time, the pundits are encouraging the worst stereotypes. Self obsessed pundits will say just about anything to distract you from the key issues. Donald Trump is another timely example of that.

The cold reality is that politics is quite simple if you choose the right side. All these memes help verify that. A few of these ideas will make you feel inspired while others may boil your blood.

You can try to mask the truth but people are not as stupid as the media thinks.

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