8 Realities On the Subject of Hillary Clinton Denied by DC Insiders

We live in a turbulent political era. Hillary Clinton is a reminder of that every day. We don’t need to waste your time here by repeating the lame talking points from last night’s speeches. How about we step back for once and talk about the real issues?

Both liberals and conservatives agree that debate is a good thing. But can we also agree that we can’t let the media’s rampant biases go unchecked?

Every day, the elites in the media do not want you to discuss the truth. Hillary Clinton could be studied as proof of this. Special interests will do anything to prevent you from talking about what is at stake. Bonkers times indeed and these pics represent why.

No promises and no trigger warnings! We bring you variety because we are free thinkers here. It is high time to fight for what matters and refuse to let the BS reign.

America can be the great nation that our Founding Fathers knew it could be. Whatever you do, do no let the cynics spread their lies. We can help make this world a better place.

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