5 Pleasing Restaurants to Satisfy Your Appetite in Houma, Louisiana

Houma, Louisiana is stocked with the best burger places. And that’s just a sample of the cuisine. The food in Houma, Louisiana is so appetizing and delish. We are so hungry to share this news.

Even though this town deserves more Michelin stars, there are food snobs who haven’t seen the glory yet. We aren’t measuring success by someone else’s arbitrary standards though. Houma, Louisiana doesn’t ask for approval from the food channel.

Whether you are a beef lover or a pork boy, here are the ideal restaurants for you, your family, your friends, even your colleagues. We can snobbishly claim that honest, down to earth chefs cook all the choice dishes nearby. They rely on the simplest recipes passed down from generations. We prefer the restaurants that offer salty, savory dishes mixed with sweet and sour accents. Be sure to seek them out.

Be sure to tell the staff you read about their restaurant in the Exception Magazine! Perhaps they will give you a discount. Take delight in the future of food and local cuisine.

Big Al’s Seafood

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1377 W Tunnel Blvd
Houma, LA 70360