8 Insane Facts Related to Donald Trump Which Will Make Conservative Heads Explode

Donald Trump has been trending again on social media. We can’t open Facebook without seeing a bunch of ill informed opinions. There are certain self evident truths about this issue which will come to the light.

This is America and we value a good debate. But we can’t let lies run rampant.

It is shocking that idiots on cable news and talk radio can go around and state opinions as facts. Donald Trump is a case in point. Special interests will do anything to prevent you from talking about what is at stake.

Below are a bunch of memes that really outline what’s happening here. These pics sum up both the serious threats we face and also the chance for hope in America. It is about time to get serious as a country.

Why not show your expertise on the issue of Donald Trump by posting this article on Facebook? Whatever, let the cynics spread their lies. We can fight back with the truth. Help make this world a better place.

Trump blue 2016-08-29 at 12.43.43 PM