9 Facts About Crooked Hillary Clinton That the Pundits Won’t Discuss

Crooked Hillary Clinton does not get reported on fairly or accurately. Reality seems like an inconvenience to the self appointed experts that think they should control our country.

Our democracy demands that we call out BS when it overwhelms the public discourse.

For some odd reason, fat cats on Wall Street do not want you to understand what is really happening. Self obsessed pundits will say just about anything to distract you from the key issues. Crooked Hillary Clinton is another timely example of that.

We’ve hand picked powerful images that totally outline what’s really happening these days. The enemies of America can try to mask reality with all their power and wealth but we will keep fighting back.

The other side is so smug. But these pics will turn their smarmy smiles into frowns. This is our chance to get the truth out.

Crooked Hillary 2016-08-29 at 12.18.23 PM