8 Memorable Ways Tove Lo Was Kinda Gorgeous

Tove Lo is so wonderful that she deserves her own national holiday. Imagine that! She is actually a closet geek. But she desires recognition in high fashion circles too.

You are totally real, geniune and could never be replaced. But do you recall the people in the early days who doubted whether she couldn’t deliver?

Uncountable downers used to needlessly speculate whether her riskier lifestyle choices would hold her back later in life. You know, she may be still relatively young, but she’s got feelings too.

We envy how Tove Lo has lasting, true friends to support her through it all. That makes such a big difference. She has produced so much great work over her amazing career. She has embraced her inner weirdness and her talents shine through just like a diamond.

It’s so interesting how she is basically you IRL and your BFF rolled into one. Time to review the best of Tove Lo.