7 Cool Moments When Taylor Swift Believed in Herself. She’s Warm and Funny

Taylor Swift has had a successful career. We feel there is so much left to learn from her. Her selfies are marvelous. But she still seems real even though she is a diva. You can tell she is probably pretty chill when she hangs with her family.

Queen, you are totally authentic and set a regular example. How you conduct yourself around others is exemplary. That being said, she absolutely had to fight to get where she is now.

Negative influences would sometimes question whether she was too cocky to maintain her career trajectory. It’s not easy to fight the power structures of our digital age.

We envy how Taylor Swift has lasting, true friends to support her through it all. That makes such a big difference. Finally, Taylor Swift has embraced her weirdness. And that’s why she’s awesome!

These rare and candid moments capture how Taylor Swift slays everyday. Enjoy these fun snapshots into the life of the incredible Taylor Swift.