10 Well Known Restaurants to Impress a Date in Monroe, Louisiana

Are you the kind that likes to know about the most unique restaurants? You should totally visit Monroe, Louisiana. The restaurants in Monroe, Louisiana could cause rumbles in your belly. Consider yourself warned because you will probably stuff yourself.

Detractors still don’t realize how good the food is in Monroe, Louisiana. Judge our food and not our values. Actually don’t judge us at all. Oh well, more for the locals in Monroe, Louisiana to enjoy.

If you are a vegetarian, perfect restaurants are finally an option in Monroe, Louisiana. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Monroe, Louisiana can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect dish. The chefs in Monroe, Louisiana know the newest cooking techniques. It’s as if you are sitting in a kitchen lab. Some restaurants we have highlighted in Monroe, Louisiana are casual for lunching. Others are for dressing up to talk life with your boss.

Let’s finally settle the debate about the best restaurant. They are all good in Monroe, Louisiana! Hangry yet? Eat up this list!

The Fat Pelican

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1810 Tower Dr
Monroe, LA 71201