6 Awesome Times Selena Gomez Is Forever Born to Rule

Selena Gomez is famous in red states and blue states. She still cuts a ravishing figure. Her humility and wisdom is what really impresses us though.

All across America and around this world, more people finally acccept that her accomplishments are admirable and valid. At this juncture, things seem easy. But they weren’t always this way.

So many trolls often used to joke about how she could even understand female empowerment issues. But luckily our fav lady survived the fires and rose as a champ again.

Selena Gomez is an all-time great. Her life proves that women can have it all. Slay!

We’ve compiled a selection of representative photos which provide an accurate glimpse into exactly how she built her impressive life and career. This ultimate list explains why we like Selena Gomez.