HANGRY ALERT: 11 Diners and Cafes For Visitors of Seattle

Seattle has become a restaurant destination. Look beyond the roadside dinners and dives for tasty treats await nearby.

Yet there remains too many critics who have not given Seattle a fair shake. We wish they’d reconsider. Yet none of that really makes much of a difference around here. The food is good and that is what matters. There are plenty of secret spots the locals want to keep for themselves.

You could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-frying cook right now. Or scooping up fresh guacamole and beans if that’s your thing. These restaurants are perfect for gluttony. But there are options for people on a diet. A few restaurants we have showcased in Seattle are extremely fancy and appropriate for special occasions. Others are more laid back and better for friends.

These restaurants are ever so tasty. You will ask if they can host your birthday party. You will be drooling by the first bite and leave smiling after the last sip of wine.

The Pink Door

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1919 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101