6 Dining Destinations Which Make Food Into Art in Madera, California

Madera, California is a restaurant destination for families and pensioners too. Picture primo eateries all over the map in Madera, California. That is the everyday truth experienced by the locals.

Yet, to this day, there are still too many critics who have not given Madera, California a fair shake. We wish they’d reconsider. Look, Madera, California has other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. At the Exception Magazine, we prefer to focus on all that is awesome in food.

Desire exciting new flavors and locally sourced, sustainable ingredients? Those options are on seemingly every menu nowadays. You will be confused at first by how these creative cooks leverage Italian herbs like parsley, oregano and basil in non-Italian dishes. But it all works in the end. Here’s a pro tip to complete the experience: ask to meet and thank the chef.

We’ve selected the very best restaurants in Madera, California for your dining pleasure. Enjoy the future of food.

Cool Hand Lukes

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1830 W Cleveland
Madera, CA 93637