8 Insane New Facts About Crooked Hillary Clinton They Try to Censor

America is bound to finally change and head in a new direction, many say. Crooked Hillary Clinton could be one major reason why if we had a national conversation based on reality. Politics is now a silly game to many people. In the USA, we certainly all value a good democratic discussion. But we can’t let rumors spread unchecked.

Yet sadly, the elite media do not want you to challenge the traditional narratives. Let us state the obvious: Crooked Hillary Clinton warrants fairer coverage.

We’ve selected a bunch of thought provoking images that really outline what’s happening in America today. No spin and no trigger warnings! We bring you variety because we are free thinkers. It is time to get serious as a country.

Turn off the TV and take to the web with these truth bombs. This is our chance to put them in their place. Do we really want to mess that up?

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