15 Absolute Best Restaurants to Impress a Date in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Manitowoc, Wisconsin simply has the best grub joints in the country. Don’t believe us? The restaurants in Manitowoc, Wisconsin are sure to give you heartburn since you will likely eat too much. Don’t worry. It’s the highest compliment around here.

There have been big moves forward for the local food scene over the last few years. Nevertheless, too many foodies seem unaware of what they could be tasting. Banker elites may prefer other places. It is no skin off the backs of the locals though. Manitowoc, Wisconsin is the type of town that Sarah Palin would call “Real America” and that makes us proud.

Still think this town is all about chicken and potato dishes? Think again. Just think of all the special days in our lives: Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. You want to spend them at a superlative restaurant. Locavors especially recommend all the old school institutions in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to out of towners.

These are the places every kale addict should visit for brunch and then revisit for lunch. Ok time to feast.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

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4525 Calumet Ave
Manitowoc, WI 54220