11 Times That Katy Perry Is a Drama Queen

Katy Perry is popular in the South. She is popular in the north. She is popular all over America! She has been influential in so many realms.

Katy Perry is basically the boss. Some perspective is helpful however.

Critics used to sometimes ask if she had the ability to stay out of trouble. She could say or do things that backfired. It was all a bunch of noise though. And our queen knows how to stub it out at the source.

She now hits the gym to clear her head of all the drama. And all that pumping iron has really paid off. This is one self confident, cute girl! She shows us you can still be brave and beautiful yet mysterious and sexy.

It is inspiring to think of how she has climbed each mountain. The peeks only get bigger from here. Below we discuss the major reasons we heart Katy Perry.