12 Ravishing Moments Selena Gomez Believed in Herself. She’s a Feminist Icon

During these challenging times, our planet desperately needs more positive and inspiring female figures. We think we could all use more Selena Gomez in our daily news. Glamorous doesn’t even seem like a grand enough word to describe her.

Many girls look up to her. Yet it has not been a walk in the park every day. Her will has been tested many times.

Haters would sometimes be questioning whether she was bold enough to win. It all seemed quite hopeless. Selena Gomez will simply keep on living her life, no matter what anyone says. We heart how she shuts down body shamers with an Insta post.

Now she is the definition of strength and self-confidence. She knows how to inspire and lead. We love how she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

The following examples prove why and how she slays everyday. Let’s recap the primary reasons we follow Selena Gomez in this photo gallery.