11 Best Restaurants Within Plattsburgh, New York

Plattsburgh, New York is in the midst of a food revolution. The food in Plattsburgh, New York is so appetizing and delish. We are so ready to share this news.

The critics might say this place lives off food stamps and therefore there are no good restaurants. They are so uninformed about local cuisine. Gordon Ramsay can take his mad man shtick somewhere else! This entire region, to be honest, cares more about great fresh food and good times than anything else. Spare us the hype please.

If you are dining with a vegetarian or vegan, ideal restaurants are finally an option now in Plattsburgh, New York. We can honestly say that real humans with local roots cook up the food in Plattsburgh, New York. You can actually taste the attention to detail in their culinary masterpieces. Legit locavors especially recommend trying out the old school institutions in Plattsburgh, New York when showing around out of towners.

There are still ways to stretch a buck at these picks. You will feel like you visited a food festival after reading.

Irises Cafe and Wine Bar

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20 City Hall Pl
Ste 22
Plattsburgh, NY 12901