7 Hipster Hotels to Live the Best of London

London has the swankiest hotels on earth. Here in London you can easily find primo hotels and spas to reset and relax. We loved the 1970s but don’t want to have a retro experience during our stay. Thankfully there are modern choices.

When special events come to London, you may have to deal with limited options for hotels. Authenticity is a slippery idea and can be enticing or irritating depending on your preferences.

Often, tourists want to be near the famous sights and sounds of the city. Other times, you simply care about whether the hotels are pet friendly or not. We hear the people at these hotels were wonderful and provided excellent customer service.

The following hotels in this photo gallery have been selected to be the absolute best in London. Let us help you simplify the search.

The Ampersand Hotel

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10 Harrington Road
South Kensington
London SW7 3ER