10 Pics That Show Kendall Jenner Has Been a Career Leader

Kendall Jenner could be a patriarchy slayer if she wants to be. She is quirky, wonderful and fun in so many ways.

Currently she is on the top of the world. Work it! A tiny bit of perspective is helpful however.

Naysayers had been whispering if she could develop into a leader. Can we be honest for two secs though? Like, who really cares anymore about that stuff in the past?

Right now, we are totes obsessed with the ways Kendall Jenner stays calm under pressure. She is all about results. Her shine today is like a midsummer’s night dream. Or like a cozy fire in winter.

These fun photos explain why she went from an unknown to a global superstar. Isn’t it unbelievable how well-known she is? Here are the reasons why we are fans of Kendall Jenner.