15 Trendy Eateries For Visitors of Baltimore

Baltimore is a restaurant destination for the common man. Locals have been posting delicious pics on Instagram from the following restaurants. The hype is reaching epic proportions as new cafes and saloons pop up constantly to satisfy our hunger.

There have been big moves forward for the local food scene over the last few years. Restaurant entrepreneurs are really making their mark in Baltimore. Nevertheless, too many foodies seem unaware of what they could be tasting. Nevertheless, chasing food trends is not a priority. The locals know what is good. This town cares more about good food than satisfying the world’s 1 percent.

Whether you want a pizza for the family or something fancy for your date, we have you covered. Locals can happily say that honest chefs cook nearly all the food in these kitchens. They rely on simple recipes passed down from generations past. This town may have a reputation for growing obesity and these gut stuffing gruberies aren’t helping.

Let us settle the ribs vs pulled pork debate with a stop at these joints in Baltimore. You will want to write a blog post titled “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” after tasting these amazing restaurants.

The Brewer’s Art

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1106 N Charles St
Midtown Belvedere
Baltimore, MD 21201