14 Best Rated Restaurants for Food Bloggers In New Philadelphia, Ohio

Seeking a totally fresh foodie destination? Why not consider New Philadelphia, Ohio for your next holiday? The grub is tantalizingly delicious everywhere now. It all seemed so sudden.

If you think this town is dominated by Five Guys, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, you will be surprised. For real though: food snobs can take their food selfies somewhere else. This town doesn’t seek social media validation. To be forthcoming though, the region doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef approval.

So you think this town is all about beef and starch dishes? Think again. In New Philadelphia, Ohio, the chefs will challenge your palates with their creations. In particular, we heart the old school institutions in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Eating there is like taking a big bite out of history.

Share with the chef how you read about their restaurant on the Exception Magazine. Everyone in the food industry reads this site, so you will come across like a total foodie expert. We wish you a wonderful meal.

El Papa

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209 S Wooster Rd
Dover, OH 44622