10 Eating Houses Within Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah, Kentucky is a top town for nearby restaurants that serve yummy healthy recipes. Superfood secrets are hidding in plain sight.

Rich folk from Manhattan might not totally appreciate the scene in Paducah, Kentucky. That’s their loss! Judge our food and not our values. Actually don’t judge us at all. The locals in Paducah, Kentucky want to keep all the delish dishes as their own secret.

Maybe you are feeling a classic burger and fries. Or perhaps you prefer a local specialty. Either way, this list will blow your mind and blow up your belly. We basically asked ‘what are places to eat near me’ that we would recommend to our friends? These are the best choices for dining or even online food delivery. Locals especially enjoy all the old school institutions in Paducah, Kentucky. It’s like eating your place into history.

We have picked a mix of value standbys. And we then put them next to places worth blowing your rent check on. It is a full survey of the scene in Paducah, Kentucky. Your loud mouth will be silenced as it is about to take a trip to cloud nine.

Jp’s Bar & Grill

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119 Market House Sq
Paducah, KY 42001