8 Ways That Ashley Benson Was Totally Healthy

Ashley Benson is so amazing that America should have a national holiday to celebrate her glory. Her selfies are marvelous. But she still seems real even though she is a diva. You can tell she is probably pretty low key when she hangs out with her friends.

She never forgets where she came from. Yet there were some tough times in the past. People would anticipate her mistakes and basically mumble “here comes the next big beat disaster.”

The people who were negative influences would sometimes question whether she was emotionally stable enough to maintain her career trajectory. Can we be real for a second though? Who cares!!?

She is one of the greatest ever. Her life proves that women can have it all and don’t need a man to define them.

You may not agree with her politics. Look. that’s actually ok! Here are just a few of the times we truly admired Ashley Benson.