14 Fun Pics Demonstrating How Hillary Clinton Is Always a Girl Who Slays

Hillary Clinton certainly comes across as a basic sometimes. But she is so much more than that under the surface. She is quirky, fun and cool in every way.

To the most hardcore followers, her dominance is well-deserved. ‘Nuff said about that. Hillary Clinton came from humble beginnings. She had to fight off enemies now and then on her path to glory.

Doubters were whispering whether or not she had the confidence to win in the big leagues. If she wants to eat a cheeseburger after a long day, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

We admire how XXXX is bold, beautiful and has brains. Talk about the triple package! She is still one of the best women on earth!

Are you guys ready to be awed? Enjoy these candid photos of the resilient Hillary Clinton.