7 Counterintuitive Ways Cara Delevingne Has Been Intelligent

Cara Delevingne can be totally brave sometimes. It’s all part of the appeal. Wherever she makes moves, people are like “here comes the smasher, here comes the master!”

At this moment, she’s a beloved celebrity from New York City to Alabama. To her Instagram followers, it looks like there’s nothing missing in her life. But we don’t always get to see what happens behind closed doors. Or how she handles the pressures of fame.

Naysayers would sometimes whether she was truly intelligent. As if they’d ask a man that! Cara Delevingne is a resilient feminist and leader now. And she will always win because she is a fighter.

Whether she is crushing it on Instagram or on TV, she shows everyone how to live their dreams. Cara Delevingne shows how women can be brave and beautiful yet fascinating and seductive.

These pretty photos outline exactly how she built her amazing career. She is now a true rock star in our book. We hope you enjoy these endearing pics of Cara Delevingne.