14 Fun Ways Taylor Swift Has Been Crazy Sexy Beautiful

Taylor Swift certainly comes across as a basic sometimes. But she is so much more than that under the surface. Her selfies are epic. Yet she still seems real even though she has the image of a total diva. You can tell she is probably pretty low key, especially when she hangs out with her friends.

She never forgets where she came from. A bit of perspective is necessary however.

Too many haters had been needlessly speculating if she was wise and mature enough to have a long career. Who cares how much she weighs or who she ever dated?

Although she is a class act on camera, she knows you can work hard and play even harder. She knows how to dress to impress. And make sure her voice is heard on important matters.

It was a surprisingly difficult task to find the pics that rep her incredible life. But we had to start somewhere. Time to recap the major reasons we follow Taylor Swift.