10 Compelling Reasons Laverne Cox Is Fully a Lady Who Leans In

The world needs more captivating characters. In a sea of commodity celebs, at least we have Laverne Cox still shining like a beacon of hope. She is known for being quirky and smart. Laverne Cox is also bold yet still totally gorgeous.

To her biggest fans, her rule is marvelous. Even so, it was a constant hustle at the start of her career.

Negative influences used to argue on morning TV about whether If you have a problem with this perfect lady, then that is your issue to deal with, not ours.

She loves America even if it does not always love her back. It’s a tangled relationship but one that works for both sides. We love her style, humour and grace under pressure.

Are ya’ll ready to feel inspired by this master? Let’s count the reasons we love Laverne Cox.