12 Amazing Times That Serena Williams Is Certainly You IRL

This planet really needs more awesomeness. Which is why we need Serena Williams and are here to celebrate her. Her selfies are epic. Yet she still seems real even though she has the image of a total diva. You can tell she is probably pretty low key, especially when she hangs out with her friends.

They don’t make heroes like this anymore, do they? However, before we examine how Serena Williams can be so wonderful, we should note that success did not really come that easy.

Downers had been pointlessly speculating whether she was wise and mature enough to have a long career. Would she ever surround herself with the right mentors? Everyone should stop judging. If Serena Williams wants to hit up the club after a long day, that’s her right.

It’s all about building up that high net worth with a mix of talent and hard work. Real successes only appear quick and easy to people who don’t ever attempt greatness. In conclusion, Serena Williams is very awesome. Whether you follow Serena Williams for fashion advice or career tips, she is a role model.

The following examples prove why she slays. Here are ways we obviously like Serena Williams.