7 Stunning Restaurants Here In College Station, Texas

When you think of College Station, Texas, does fine dining come to mind? If not, be prepared to have your mind blown. The local chefs really are skilled at cooking.

The pundits may not understand life here. Frankly they can be rude AF. But none of that really makes much of a difference around College Station, Texas. The food is good and that is what matters. Oh well, more for us then.

Whether you want an Italian restaurant, American food or fresh vegetarian for lunch or dinner, the following hip restaurants will keep the whole family coming back for seconds. In College Station, Texas, the menus are itemized with freshly harvested, totally modern ingredients. But you can also opt for classics like pizzas, BBQ ribs, burgers and yes, finger lickin’ fried chicken. Some are casual while others are for dressing up to impress.

Can we now settle the debate about the best restaurant in College Station, Texas? After eating around here, you will demand copycat restaurant recipes so you can try to recreate the experience at home.

Napa Flats Wood Fired Kitchen – College Station

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1727 Texas Ave S
College Station, TX 77840