6 Original Restaurants With the Best Food in Brunswick, Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia is one of the best places for feasting in America. These places should launch their own meal delivery websites because they are that good for delicious healthy food.

This town might not unseat NYC as a culinary capital. We aren’t measuring whether or not sexy celebs like Lindsay Lohan ever pop by and bring the paparazzi! This region cares more about good food and good times than hype.

Hungry for half price restaurant deals? Or maybe you just want restaurant deals for Wednesday happy hour. These restaurants are perfect for your family birthday party. Or if you are somewhat hungy, on a diet and want to get a quick bite with your coworkers. Why not revel in life’s pleasures with marvelous wine and a quality serving of local food?

These restaurants are so tasty you will ask the chef if its possible to order dinner delivery in Brunswick, Georgia. Feed your inner child by feeding on this listicle.

Indigo Coastal Shanty

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1402 Reynolds St
Brunswick, GA 31520