9 Shocking Times Rihanna Always Will Be Powerful and Influential

Rihanna is an Instagram fav. She is popular because she is so real. She may rebel if people try and hold back her glory.

You’re going to hear Rihanna roar! Like thunder her voice is going to shake the ground. Ok, let’s pause here for a second to remember her amazing adventures and accomplishments.

Haters used to question whether she could deal with her emotional issues. Thankfully, Rihanna took those challenges head on.

There are many life lessons we can learn from Rihanna. We would argue it is admirable how she helps lift the next generation of girls. Rihanna understands how to dress to impress. She can project her power in many subtle ways.

Shine bright like the crazy beautiful diamond you are. Let’s discuss the major reasons we heart Rihanna.