7 Counterintuitive Ways Margot Robbie Might Be More Famous Than Any Husband

Our planet needs more positive and inspiring figures. To us, this is why we all need a little more Margot Robbie in our lives. She is quirky, fun and cute in every way.

To her biggest fans, her lasting dominance is absolutely clear and obvious. It has not always been a walk in the park.

Frequently haters had been arguing on talk radio about whether she was tough enough to last in the business. Her risks didn’t always work as expected. That’s why we adore her. These trials show that she can take human form.

She never let her past determine her future. There are many times when she was basically your BFF.

The following examples prove why and how Margot Robbie slays everyday. Here are the reasons why we are fans of Margot Robbie.