Yum! Yum! 15 Top Restaurants Around Burlington, North Carolina

Burlington, North Carolina should be on your restaurant bucket list. They cause indigestion because you will eat too much. It’s the highest compliment around here.

Even though this town deserves more Michelin stars, there are critics who haven’t seen the light yet. We don’t care if a shameless celeb like Kim Kardashian ever takes a selfie around here. The born and bred want to keep their favorite places like they always were.

You could be eating great grilled salmon. Or taste sustainable, organic vegetables. These restaurants are perfect for that special occasion or birthday party. Or if you are just really hangry and want to dine with your friends. Why not celebrate life with good friends, great wine and a quality plate of local food?

You deserve this decadent list of the tastiest eateries in Burlington, North Carolina. Have fun and eat well friends.

Fired Up Pizza Company

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3243 S Church St
Burlington, NC 27215