15 Authentic Destinations That Are Revolutionizing Cuisine in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona has loads of top restaurants. Let’s suppose you are already sold and ready to ask your smartphone: find places to eat near me! Don’t waste another second seeking a restaurant finder. You can rely on our local restaurant suggestions.

This is a regional hub and the top restaurants nearby likely won’t win many Michelin stars. Look, we have other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. This town cares more about good food than satisfying the world’s 1 percent.

Want seafood tonight? Or maybe bacon is how you want to party. The menus are bursting with fresh flavors and modern bases like noodles, quinoa and kale. Some are cheap and some are fancy.

Only hangry millennials can truly appreciate the hotspots around Chandler, Arizona. Your eyes will pop once you see these dishes.

Chon Thai Food

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2330 N Alma School Rd
Ste 116
Chandler, AZ 85224