Try These 7 Mouthwatering Feedbags That Only Locals Can Appreciate in Tulsa

Tulsa simply has the best grub joints in the country. Don’t believe us? Locals have been posting delicious pics on Instagram from the following restaurants. The hype is reaching epic proportions as new cafes and saloons pop up constantly to satisfy our hunger.

This really is not some fast food saturated wasteland anymore. Who cares if these restaurants and their recipes are featured on the Food TV channels? Ok fine. This city only had good fast food options for too long. But the restaurant scene has evolved over the last decade or so!

Whether you are a turkey person or a chicken type, here are the best restaurants for you. These really are the very best places to grub anywhere in the USA and you can enjoy ’em all right in Tulsa. Just close your eyes and imagine drizzling olive oil all over a steaming plate or salad featured here.

Let’s settle the burgers v pizza debate forever by trying each of these curated eateries in Tulsa. Your taste buds are about to take a trip to paradise.


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212 N Main St
Tulsa, OK 74103