14 Well Known Restaurants for the True Experience of Seattle

Seattle finally contains plenty of hip, nearby eating places for lunch and dinner. Locals have raved about the following restaurants for decades and new cafes and saloons are opening up constantly to satisfy our hunger.

Rich techies from San Francisco that want chef delivery service may not understand these places to eat. But that’s their issue, not ours. Who cares if Rachel Ray ever stops in to try these restaurants? She wouldn’t appreciate the fine food anyways. This region might be small compared to NYC, but with so many locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, the cuisine really packs a punch.

Like savory specialties? Or maybe you prefer salty and sweet. Either way, get ready to feast your eyes. We tried to answer the big philosophical question: which restaurants are essential to taste around here? Some are cheap hidden gems while others are for fancy nights on the town. Rest assured, all are worthy of Facebook bragging.

Let us settle the meatless Mondays argument by trying these cheerful eateries. Just eat and live life your way, friends.

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