10 Pics That Show Kendall Jenner Was Forever Our Fav

Kendall Jenner remains so cute and fun. How did she get to this point?

She is louder than a lion now. However, Kendall Jenner had to overcome many challenges to get to the top.

So many insensitive downers would sometimes plant stories on in the press as to whether she was a leader and a good role model. The negativity has gotten quite tiresome. This article though isn’t about any of that. We prefer the positive coverage of Kendall Jenner.

In recent times, Kendall Jenner looks more focused. In summary, she teaches us that the first, essential step to success is to make a conscious decision to succeed.

These fun photos explain why she went from an unknown to a global superstar. Here is the definitive list of why we like Kendall Jenner.