12 Examples of How Anna Kendrick Is Definitely Terrific

The world’s most famous and inspiring women all look up to Anna Kendrick whether they admit it or not. Anna Kendrick used to sit quietly and agreed politely to everything. But eventually she decided to become a fighter.

From blogs to magazine profiles, journalists admire her for her looks. We all know she’d rather be known for what she is reading than what she is wearing to an awards show. Against this background, it was a painful grind in the early years.

So many trolls often used to joke about how she could even comprehend climate change and other hot button issues. She is a tenacious woman though and she will likely triumph in the end. If you bet against her, you will likely lose.

In recent years, she seems more comfortable being herself. She has made peace with her old flames. Anna Kendrick shows anyone they can lean in and control their destiny.

We hope you find inspiration here. Let’s examine all the reasons we love Anna Kendrick.