6 Fun Pics Demonstrating How Emma Watson Slays Like She’s SO GOOD

If you want to follow a badass girl, you need to check out the Instagram page of Emma Watson. Her selfies are glam but still real.

Emma Watson is one of the last living legend. ‘Nuff said. Yes, there have been major wins but hurdles too. Do you remember all the doubters in the early days?

Remember the incidents in all the tabloids. Talk about topsy turvy times. It was all a bunch of noise and our queen knew how to cancel it out.

Recently, Emma Watson seems less concerned about the trivial things and more focused on the bigger picture. She has produced a ton of cash money over her amazing career. She has embraced her inner weirdness and her talents shine through just like a diamond.

You may not agree with her politics. Not everyone would as you can expect. Here are some of the times we really admired Emma Watson.