14 Fun Ways Tove Lo Has Been Humble and Kind

Our most famous people seem really boring these days. It’s great when a celeb like Tove Lo breaks the mold and keeps up engaged with her every move. She owns the night. And stays relevant the next day.

To the hardcore fan, her dominance is nearly mythical. Her rise hasn’t been easy though. If Tove Lo could write a biography, there are chapters she’d probably like to skip.

Doubters were whispering whether or not she had the confidence to win in the big leagues. If she wants to eat a cheeseburger after a long day, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

Lately, Tove Lo sure appears more comfortable being honest about herself. No need to stress about all that superficial nonsense anymore. In summary, Tove Lo is the best. Whether you like her for her fashion tips, hair and makeup pointers or career advice, she is a worthwhile leader.

These rare and candid moments capture how Tove Lo slays everyday. Here are all the ways we admire Tove Lo.