10 Photos Showing How Tove Lo Has Been Truly Influential and Wise

Tove Lo is more thoughtful and spiritual than even her most ardent fans may recognize. She is popular primarily because she is real.

To all her true fans, the brilliance of Tove Lo is obvious and clearly deserved. All that being noted, her rise to the elite has its own set of ordeals to handle.

Haters were posting cruel comments about her body. And they didn’t take her ideas seriously either. It was quite sexist. If she wants to eat a cheeseburger after a long day, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

For sure, Tove Lo has her priorities straight now. And she seems so happy to be dancing through life. Her life proves that women can have it all. Slay!

The following examples prove why and how she slays everyday. Let’s review the major reasons we heart Tove Lo.