HANGRY ALERT: 12 Marvelous Restaurants to Impress a Date in Olympia, Washington

Olympia, Washington has plenty of top restaurants for college grads. Both natives and transplants agree that the food scene deserves more recognition.

Even though this town deserves more Michelin stars, there are critics who haven’t seen the light yet. Seriously, Tom Hiddleston can dine elsewhere for all we are concerned. This region might be small compared to NYC, but with so many locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, the cuisine really packs a punch.

Like savory specialties? Or maybe you prefer salty and sweet. Either way, get ready to feast your eyes. Just think of all the special days in our lives: Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. You want to spend them at a superlative restaurant. Celebrate life with good friends, great wine and a top quality meal.

These restaurants are the ultimate guilty pleasures in Olympia, Washington. Adulting is really tough, even for adults. Let these cooks make supper tonight.

Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

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2103 Harrison Ave NW
Olympia, WA 98502