11 Gripping Moments Jennifer Lopez Was Proudly Loyal to Her Squad

Jennifer Lopez certainly comes across as a basic sometimes. But she is so much more than that under the surface. She has brains and beauty. Uplifting is how we’d sum up her life.

Nowadays she totally rules the Internet with every single selfie. Her posts always go viral. A wee bit of perspective is necessary sometimes and especially here.

Frequently haters had been arguing on talk radio about whether she was tough enough to last in the business. Her risks didn’t always work as expected. Thankfully, Jennifer Lopez took those challenges head on.

Jennifer Lopez advertises how anyone can be successful. Oh and it is fine to have fun making your own paper. We love how she fought her way to the top and continues to dominate.

Are ya’ll ready to feel inspired by this master? Here is the definitive list of why we like Jennifer Lopez.