Here’s the Deflategate Video Roger Goodell Doesn’t Want You to Watch

What do scientists at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Chicago, Boston College, Rockefeller University, the University of Illinois, Bowdoin College and MIT all agree on?

If you guessed global warming, that would probably be true. But what we are discussing here is deflategate, the NFL’s bogus crusade against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

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It has become very clear that the NFL’s investigation into the Patriots was flawed from the start and was essentially a smear campaign.  And an MIT professor has clearly explained how and why in this video.


This is the video Roger Goodell and Ted Wells don’t want you to watch!

Professor John Leonard has proven that the Patriots balls dropped according to the Natural Gas Law.  For the record, while John Leonard does teach at MIT in Massachusetts, he is actually an Eagles fan…and a fan of real science.

“What happens to pressure when you go from warmer to colder?, ” Leondard asks. “It drops.”




In fact, the Colts balls did not drop as much as expected given the cold weather. Therefore, by using the Colts balls as the baseline, there was a false frame that made it seem like something was fishy in New England.  What the Colts did to manipulate their balls can only be a matter of speculation at this point.

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The Patriots already got revenge against the hapless Colts during the regular season. And now they have a chance to stick it to the rest of the league by beating Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday and advancing to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.