5 Diners and Cafes Which Make Food Into Art in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a top California town for nearby restaurants that serve yummy healthy recipes. The umami levels are unbelievable.

Rich techies from San Francisco that want chef delivery service may not understand these places to eat. But that’s their issue, not ours. Yet none of that really makes much of a difference around here. The other day, we had it with the haters and decided Bakersfield needed an article to highlight its culinary glory.

Desire doughnuts for dinner? Or maybe bacon and eggs are what you need for brunch. We tried to answer the big philosophical question: which restaurants are essential to taste around here? A few are surprisingly affordable while other recommendations below will cost you an arm and leg. It will be worth it when your friends validate your decision by liking your posts on Instagram.

These restaurants might blow the taste buds right out of your mouth! Really, they are so righteous good citizens of Bakersfield. We truly hope you leave hangry for more.

Muertos Kitchen & Lounge

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1514 Wall St
Bakersfield, CA 93301