9 Fun Times Tove Lo Is Certainly a Lady Who Leans In

Tove Lo has truly been a powerhouse for this digital age. She remains popular simply for the reason that she is real.

To her biggest fans, her rule is marvelous. Let’s pause here to recall the recent mind-blowing adventures of Tove Lo. It’s impressive considering the adversity she has dealt with.

The loudest naysayers used to argue on snarky blogs about whether she was talented enough to maintain her career trajectory. If she wants to munch on a slice of pizza after a long day at work, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

Right now, we are obsessed with how she is winning in the right way. She lifts those around her. This world is spinning and she keeps on winning.

We tried to highlight everything that makes her terrific here. These pics represent a star who is almost nobility on the celebrity circuit. Below we examine the prime reasons why the Internet loves Tove Lo.