10 Reasons Kendall Jenner Is Cool!

Kendall Jenner has truly been a powerhouse for this digital age. Are you curious how she could be so amazing?

We’d like to do a retrospective of recent times because she is awesome. Perspective is useful at this stage however.

Some haters would snicker at her follies. But she would probably brush it off. Either way… Whatevs! She is beautiful in every single way. Words can’t bring her down.

We envy how Kendall Jenner has lasting, true friends to support her through it all. That makes such a big difference. Kendall Jenner understands how to dress to impress. She can project her power in many subtle ways.

These candid moments capture how she crushes life yet still enjoys the fun, wild ride. Here are the true reasons we admire Kendall Jenner.