8 Best Hotels in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is filled with incredible hotels. They are located in choice parts of town so that it is easy to step outside and see all the sites. Even locals have been lauding this city’s best hotels since they are great for staycations too.

Whether you are traveling to Boston for work or leisure, you will want to pick one of the best hotels. Boston has many options for all price points and there are lots of factors to consider.

Do you want to be near the best restaurants in Boston? Or how about the top shopping destinations in Boston? Or maybe this is a business trip and you simply need to find an efficient branch of a major hotel chain with a good location and easy access to public transportation.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 all-around hotels for travelers to Boston based on consensus picks from the people who have stayed there. Some are chic and some are better for budgets. Either way, you should find the perfect place to get a great night’s sleep in Boston.


Marriott’s Custom House

3 McKinley Square
Boston, MA 02109